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About Me is all about Providing up to date information on furniture stores in Richmond Virginia. While also providing our visitors with unique and insightful information in regards to furniture, mattresses and anything else involving home furnishings.

Furniture Stores in Richmond Virginia

Furniture Stores in Richmond Virginia

Atlantic Bedding and Furniture

5768 Charles City Cir, Richmond, VA 23231  (804) 201-7642

Sofa Design

10753 Midlothian Tpke, Richmond, VA 23235  (804) 379-5377

Reuse Thrift And Consignment

6207 Jahnke Rd, Richmond, VA 23225  (804) 233-6907 (more…)

Furniture Stores in Richmond Virginia

Furnish Your Living Room – Some Helpful Tips

Furnish Your Living Room – Some Helpful Tips

There are many ways to furnish your living room. Consult your spouse in choosing the type of furniture. There should not be too many pieces lying around. Adequate spacing is required. The choice of color should be even. Determine your budget before aspiring for the furniture trends and designs. White modern furniture in living room 300x225 Furnish Your Living Room   Some Helpful Tips

The living room is an important part of your home. Choosing the right type of furniture is therefore very important. Living room furniture is never found at cheap prices. You need to take the cost in your stride because it is an investment on your living space. The value of your home will also rise significantly when you use high quality branded stuff. Certain tips will help you in this process. Never take the suggestions of anybody but your spouse to decide the look of the room. It is ultimately your living space and you should decide its furniture. Your needs and requirements should be satisfied. It would be a great idea to sit together as a family and decide the type of furniture to buy. The style of your living space should not be decided by your friends or colleagues.

Secondly you should always opt for furniture is in sync with the rest of the furniture in other rooms. Living furniture is no doubt available in a wide range of patterns and styles; some modest and others extremely sleek. Budget your finances well. This is important. You should buy furniture that you can afford and not the one beyond your monetary strength. Very good branded furniture is available for reasonable prices. A sound internet research for furniture stores will help you get the best deal. Richmond Furniture stores are the best when it comes to interior designing. They have a good control over the market and more than 100 store locations. The prices, quality and services are all excellent. Any room in your house can be enhanced by this reputed store furniture. Whatever be your requirement in shape, color, trend or make, they have it all.

The size of the room largely determines the type of furniture. The living room should be well spaced out. It should not look like a furniture storeroom packed with items nor should it be devoid of the basic requirements. Sofa sets, coffee tables, easy chairs, magazines cabinet, desks for electronic entertainment devices are some of the minimal requirements. Appropriate color choices also help to make your living space livelier. Generally people avoid bright colored furniture in living rooms. When you intend to keep your old furniture maybe due to its nostalgic value, you should make sure it matches your new purchase. You could enhance the old pieces through painting or polishing.

For more information on living room furniture, visit

Furniture Financing and Furniture Credit Options

Furniture Financing and Furniture Credit Options

There are three primary ways of furniture credit and furniture financing options available for you to use today. You can use one of these options depending on your present financial situation.

There are several reasons to seek furniture financing. There are several furniture credit choices available too. Sometimes, it makes sense to buy furniture over certain time period, particularly if credit is given interest-free. Instead of furnishing your home paying cash, repay furniture cost interest-free in about 6 months to a year. Furniture credit option is also available for people who have come across hard times previously and may also be having a bad credit score. Regardless of the causes why you are looking for furniture financing, furniture credit option is always there to cater to any of the situations a customer faces.

A Look at Furniture Financing and Furniture Credit Options credit meubles 1 300x164 Furniture Financing and Furniture Credit OptionsYour furniture store may provide you with store credit cards. This card lets you buy any furniture from that shop up to a specific credit limit. Several card issuers provide interest-free agreements for a particular period or when individual purchases cross a certain amount. Certain furniture stores also provide exclusive advantages to customers utilizing their card. Few of them operate via rewards system. Others offer discount prices on some goods for customers utilizing the card. It happens to be a highly convenient way to finance furniture. These credit cards happen to be beneficial if the furniture money is repaid back within interest-free term.

You can also avail furniture credit as unsecured loans. You do not offer any security for the needed sum in this furniture financing. The lender depends on past track credit repaying record. If your credit record is good, you get furniture loan. You may apply for this loan online. You will need to give your monetary details, like your income, rent or mortgage payment, details of other existing loans, etc. Once your loan gets approved, you get the cash. You are allowed to buy furniture up to this approved sum. Certain firms have a 90 days limitation whereas others have much higher limits.

If your credits score is not good, your furniture finance options become very limited. Yet, it is still possible to avail money from lenders for your purchase at higher interest rates. Normally, you must utilize this option when it is imperative to buy the furniture that you need. Many lenders are based locally. They expect that you must reside within the same state. Some lenders give furniture financing if you are currently employed and earning a minimum of $1,000 monthly. You must also have an active bank checking account. The monthly repayments are deducted from this bank account. Hence, this is also a very simple method to furnish and finance your home.

It’s All About Pine Furniture!

It’s All About Pine Furniture!

Many people don’t even know that pine wood can make some amazing furniture sets as well. Pine is a soft wood and how can pine be used to make furniture sets? But it’s true. Rustic pine furniture sets were loved by many in the ancient times and again it is becoming much popular around the globe.

People often associate the pine furniture sets with an urban cottage look. This kind of a look is not bad but we should also know that we can get that look in our home and offices as well. The country cottage look will never go out of fashion and will look elegant always. However, most of us do not understand the beauty of pine furniture sets and therefore we should first understand the service and charm of such sets and then try to include them at our place. Pine furniture is strong and gives an earthy look to your home.

History of Pine Furniture! pinefurniture pine bedroom furniture medieval bedroom set 300x191 Its All About Pine Furniture!The main idea behind these pine furniture sets is believed to have come from those elite class people who tried to build up summer cabins in the mountains of New York with the help of pine woods. If we go back to the history, we get to know that the pine furniture sets came into existence by the caretakers of these summer cabins who looked after the homes during the winter and made pine furniture to kill time.

Gradually these pine furniture sets became much popular and because of its trendy and elegant look, each one of the elite class included these sets in their summer homes. These sets were mostly made up of the weathered and old pine woods using the branches and logs. Today also you can find such rustic pine furniture sets in different suctions and stores as these are still manufactured by many furniture makes in a much traditional way.

Pine furniture sets require extra care and concern than any other furniture. Therefore, before you plan to include these in your home, you should get ready to give a bit of time in the maintenance of these furniture sets. Pine furniture sets should not be kept under direct sunlight and any other source of heat. Heat will cause the pine wood to crack and get dried out easily and therefore it will no longer be a treat to the eyes. Also, you should never put your hot coffee mug on top of that pine table and do not forget to place table mats before doing so.

Pine furniture looks great but only if you are sure about the maintenance part, then only grab a hold of these. It brings a kind of natural sleekness and elegance in your home which will definitely loved by your near and dear ones.



Furniture within our homes and offices, and even hose on the streets, only serve to help us live safe, comfortable and organized lives. While furniture may not be a necessity in our lives, the lack of it could make our lives much harder. While each piece of furniture may have basic functions, the newer pieces of furniture are multifunctional, and they require much less space too.

 Furniture serves to help us live comfortable lives. Each piece of furniture is designed to make our life easier. Whether it is within our homes or on the streets, furniture plays a great role indeed in adding comfort in every aspect of our lives. While there are some basic furniture that is a necessity in every household, there are many other pieces of furniture that adds to our quality of life or meet very different purposes. Moreover, the change in times and in thinking have influenced furniture making and furniture buying trends, giving us a whole new range of furniture as well. img71m 300x300 FURNITURE AND THEIR FUNCTION: AN IMPORTANT THING TO CONSIDERThe basic furniture that we can see in every household includes tables, chairs, beds, bookshelves, drawers, desks, cabinets and credenzas. While the styles and the designs of the furniture may vary depending on the decor of the home and a person’s preference, the basic functions of the furniture have not changed much over the past several decades. Without these pieces of furniture, life would indeed be hard and uncomfortable for us. Apart from these, there are many other kinds of furniture that can be seen in many homes, including room dividers, showcases, upholstered furniture, shelving units, high chairs and cribs.

In offices and other professional institutions, office furniture covers the range of filing cabinets, storage units, office credenzas and storage cabinets, etc. as well. The furniture seen in offices and other institutions often varies with the work done in the place. For instance, hospitals require reclining beds, medicine cabinets, etc. while law firms require more shelves and filing cabinets. The furniture that is placed in such places is those items that are required and will help a person to comfortably complete his/ her work. Street furniture, on the other hand, is the pieces of furniture we see on the streets, like litterbins, benches, traffic lights, lamp posts and bollards. Street furniture makes it safer and more comfortable for people when they are on the streets.

Furniture, those for homes, offices and streets, all serve one main function. It helps people live organized and comfortable lives. For example, the lack of bookshelves in a house with many books could lead to the house having a cluttered appearance. The lack of a bed could affect people’s rest. In the more recent times, many pieces of furniture are designed to make the furniture multifunctional. Beds have drawers under them, tables and shelves are combined to make credenzas, and even couches can be rolled out into beds. The advantage of having multifunctional furniture is that lesser pieces of furniture are required in a room, since most of the basic comfort needs are offered by the multifunctional furniture and they require much less space as well.

How to Maintain your Teak Furniture?

How to Maintain your Teak Furniture?

Outdoor and indoor furniture sets are now available in different materials like plastic, metal, iron, bamboo and also, in teakwood. Teak furniture sets are loved and adored by many around the globe. These are strong and also elegant looking and can easily enhance the beauty of your home be it your garden space or your drawing room.

Teak furniture is the most natural furniture you can ever have in your place. The all natural golden honey colour of teakwood gives a sleek look to the furniture. However, with time the colour changes to a silver shade which also looks good and better than any other furniture materials. In fact, with this change in colour you will be able to recognise the best of teakwood furniture available in the market or at a friend’s place. Although you will have to maintain the teakwood furniture and should treat it on a regular basis or else that lustrous caramel look will never be back again.

Tips to Care for your Teakwood Furniture!

Teakwood furniture sets are usually tough and tolerant than any other furniture sets. However, it requires a lot of maintenance and if proper care isn’t given, it might lose its natural charm and beauty. Teak furniture is available for the outdoors as well. Benches, couches, chairs, tea tables, etc., adds a beauty element to the garden space and if you want to use teakwood furniture for your outdoors, you can choose from different available options but you need to promise yourself that you will take good care of them. tambang 300x225 How to Maintain your Teak Furniture?When you will finally decide upon buying some teakwood furniture sets for your home, you need to look at a few important factors. Teakwood furniture sets are available easily in any furniture shops however the quality may differ from store to store. In order to get hold of the best teakwood product, a little bit of research is required. If you have seen teak furniture at your friend’s place, ask him/her to accompany you to the furniture shop. Also, after you are done buying the best ones, learn how to maintain the beauty of such furniture sets for years to come. Daily cleaning, dusting and brushing of the teakwood furniture is extremely needed. The indoor furniture sets might not get that dusty as they are place safely inside the room. However, the outdoor ones are directly exposed to sunlight, rains, moisture and fog and thus they need regular maintenance.

Teak furniture sets are extremely classy looking and gives a chic look to your home. It will be loved by all your friends and acquaintances and if you are able to maintain the sets nicely, you yourself will be able to enjoy its beauty and service for a very long period.

Give New Life to Your Old Home Furniture by Reusing it

Give New Life to Your Old Home Furniture by Reusing it

Old furniture is always considered as waste materials in the house, but with little sense of creativity one can make full use of the old furniture. Reusing the old furniture saves money and also gives a sense of satisfaction to the users.

Waste disposal is the biggest problem a county faces. Each and every country around the globe is looking for effective and efficient ways to recycle and reuse its wastes. While the country is itself looking for creative ways, is it not necessary to implement the concept of reusing in our home? The best way to keep a home neat is to dispose unnecessary and worn out things but what if the same can be used to decorate your home? With little creativeness and patience all of us can reuse all the old things in our home including the old furniture. This article is an attempt to give some useful ideas to reuse the old home furniture.

Almost all our homes would have a loft or a warehouse to store all the unused materials, and one can be pretty sure to grab at least 3 sets of old furniture in each house.

Furniture is the best part of a home but due to many reasons like utility, damage or simply due to the boredom feeling, as a result these, old worn furniture get its place in the loft. The process of getting rid of old furniture is daunting because of the long process involved to sell it or to donate it. Similarly getting a new one is also not a smart choice in this hard economic climate. Instead, by doing little alterations we can bring new life to our old furniture.

Reuse Ideas for Old Home Furniture

First take a look at the furniture available and sort out the reason why it has been kept unused. If it is isolated due to repairs, consider repairing it; sometimes we would have just kept it aside for small repairs like loose screws, uneven washers or due to faded colors. If the repair can be done with just your home tool kit then repairing the furniture is the best decision. English Antique Furniture Styles 300x254 Give New Life to Your Old Home Furniture by Reusing itChange the location of the furniture; for instance a sofa in the drawing hall can be put in your balcony or in your garden to enjoy the morning sun or an evening breeze. A long dining table can be utilized as an indoor tennis table. Bookshelves can be used in your kid’s room to arrange the shields. Old computer table or your coffee table can be used as cooking table in garden. A small corner table in your hall can be out in the entrance as a showpiece with a big bowl of colorful flowers. Likewise using the old furniture for different purposes is also a good idea to reuse the old furniture. Changing the paint of metal furniture, changing the cushion covers to bright colors will give new look to the old home furniture. New furniture can also be created from the old ones by joining the different parts of two or more furniture.

Make Your Garden a Restful Place in Your House

Make Your Garden a Restful Place in Your House

Make your garden a sanctuary where you can rest and experience the greatness of the outdoors. This can even double up as a place where you can entertain guests who visit your house.

There are people who love the great outdoors but don’t have the time to go out of town or even stroll at a nearby park. Usually, with busy schedules, people tend to stay in their house and rest. This can cause restlessness especially if people are used to going out more often. Now if you really love the great outdoors, why not transform your garden into a place where you can rest and experience the outdoors at the comfort of your own property? Outdoor Furniture Tips 300x270 Make Your Garden a Restful Place in Your HouseYou can do this by just choosing the right kind of furniture. First off, you can buy lounge furniture even if you have a small or big garden. You can choose between different kinds of chairs, footstools, coffee tables, and sofas that are custom made to be placed outdoors. You can even choose the colors that will help you feel more relaxed and laid back while resting on these kinds of chairs. Surely, these kinds of lounge sets will transform any kind of garden into a living space.

Aside from lounges, you can also put outdoor bean bags that can really make your garden look more interesting. They add character and edge to what seems to be a place that is built only for plants. You can choose bright colors like dark blue and red, or earth tones that can blend in with the environment. These bean bags can also become a place where guests can sit down and hang out whenever they come over.

You can also choose a garden bench that can be placed under a tree or a place wherein there are lots of flowers. Add up a little bit of light and the place where you put up the bench can really add a romantic feel to your garden. There are a lot of garden benches available out there because they are a staple in every garden. All you need to do is choose the right carvings and designs that you really like.

Lastly, gazebos and garden huts are a great way to give you shade during the day and can be a place to entertain your guests during the night. You can also host barbeques and other small parties when you have them inside your garden. With all of the garden furniture available, all you need to do is choose the right one for you in order to experience the great outdoors.

Rustic Furniture: Dazzles with Ethnicity

Rustic Furniture: Dazzles with Ethnicity

Rustic furniture gives a royal look to ethnic settings. The historical rustic furniture was manufactured with the aim of giving a natural look. The contemporary rustic furniture manufacturing integrates modern skills of furniture making.

Rustic furniture is an antique concept. Such furniture used to be manufactured in the earlier times by the use of anything natural that was available in abundance, for example, twigs, sticks, or logs. It is associated to the times of the great depression when the poor people used to trade such furniture items for cash and food. The various kinds of rustic works on furniture are gold or silver brushwork, chip carving, decorative enhancements such as peel bark, and milk paint. The choice of rustic furniture of a person speaks volumes of the personality of that person. The types of wood used in the manufacture of such furniture are willow and different kinds of soft and hard woods. image rustic furniture 300x140 Rustic Furniture: Dazzles with EthnicityThe contemporary rustic furniture manufacturing has evolved leaps and bounds in terms of its aesthetic finesse and modern looks. Today’s contemporary artists may instill architectural detailing of the kinds of chandeliers, banisters, porches, and bridges. Many artists produce influenced work in the form of rustic furniture. Such influence may be contemporary or historical. However, people may still have an eye out for the antique pieces as most of them grow better with age. Such antique rustic pieces of furniture may be found in antique shops, museums and personal collections.

The typical items of rustic furniture are love seats, chairs, smoking stands, desks, tables, clocks, rockers, mirror frames, drawer’s chests, coat racks, and lamps. Twig work which is the style of making rustic furniture involves using curved, straight or forked twigs in a structure to form an attractive design. This is one of the basic construction types of rustic furniture. The other construction type is known as bentwood. This style involves collection of fresh sticks which are then steamed with the objective of making them full and supple after which they are utilized to make attractive decorative pieces. Tenon and Mortice are other forms of construction of rustic furniture.

Today you can look to buy both contemporary and antique rustic furniture pieces. You can find great collections for sale online. Browsing through some rustic furniture dealer websites will give you a fair idea of the price ranges and deals available. You can score some nice discounts on certain websites too. After purchasing you can maintain the furniture by regularly using good quality dusting sprays and dusting cloth that are lint free. First clean with a moistened cloth after application of spray on furniture. Then use a dry cloth to clean it again.

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